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Yesterday's couple's massage was also amazing as was the lengthy sex session with her often on the road husband. If you looked at Jasmine you would never know this school teacher, this sweet soft spoken woman, this conservative dressed woman was a popular erotic writer.

Jasmine watched people walking, like she often did, wondering what their stories were. She looked as sweet as apple pie and yet underneath her sundress she was wearing thigh high stockings, and nothing else.

Going commando was just one of her naughty perversions, as was thigh high stockings that she did to feel sexy underneath her business-like front.

She grabbed her i Pad, tapped on her notes app and continued typing a story she was hoping to have ready for the Halloween contest on Literotica. Dana was about to walk into the pub for an afternoon cocktail loving the freedom that goes with being on holidays when she was stopped in her tracks.

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Going to her e-mail, she quickly looked at her last correspondence from Jasmine, a few days ago. I hope you find some hot young thing to dominate you like you so eagerly crave.It is driving me crazy with curiosity, why are you wearing pantyhose in almost hundred degree weather?" Jasmine feeling comfortable with this girl decided to show a little of her hidden naughtiness . Dana knew exactly what Jasmine meant, but feigned innocence. " Jasmine finished her second glass of wine, feeling just a tad tipsy. The waitress showed up and before Jasmine could respond, Dana said, "Please get my friend here and I each another glass of wine." Jasmine protested, "No, no...." Dana cut her off."You have an accent," Dana noticed, sitting down strategically beside and not across from the brunette. " Jasmine asked surprised to be told she has an accent. Finally Dana asked another question to confirm her suspicions that this Jasmine was the same Jasmine who wrote lesbian submission stories."What do you do for a living, Jasmine," "I teach high school," Jasmine answered, oblivious to the young girl's intent. " Dana repeated, "Wow, you must have the boys in a tizzy." Jasmine blushed, but answered, "I don't think that happens too often." Dana her tone light and flirty countered, "Oh, I bet it happens more than you think." Changing the topic Dana asked, trying to confirm any lingering doubts this was the same woman who wrote such subversive stories as "Bedding the Babysitter", "Pet Teacher", "Training Teacher" and "Spanked to Submission" she asked, "I have to ask.It wasn't the woman's face that caught her eye but two other things.