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The market's been trashed by low expectations, and it's not hard to understand why.

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Everyone is willing to waste their precious, precious money on something out of the ordinary. The poor spend their pennies on mass-produced china, convinced that it has some worth to it.

The rich convince the middle class that diamonds are rare and valuable, despite the stones being retrieved in Africa by the billion.

The rich want to make money because they can always become richer.

When one's resources are only enough to scrape by, money is all that matters. Looking after their spouses, their children; there is a culture of dependence that weights them down.

There is always another echelon of wealth to rise above, some degree of opulence that is beyond their grasp.

They drive to even further heights, seeking to slake their thirst for coin.

To the oil magnate, to the harsh dictator, to the kings and queens and lords and ladies, the common people are specks of dirt.

Wild stories abound on the subject: depending on the source, they may be ghosts or demons, old men sending messages from beyond the grave, faceless monsters from another world, or even shapeshifting lizardmen.They are, of course, willing to sell to any buyer; groups such as the Chaos Insurgency are some of their most valuable clients.Perhaps the organisations most opposed to Marshall, Carter and Dark are the Manna Charitable Foundation and the Serpent's Hand.People, regardless of social standing, are all the same.The poor may spend their savings on worthless yet treasured trinkets, sold by the middle class.After all, if the veil of secrecy were to break, their trinkets would become worthless; their business would crumple and dissolve.