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I think in that respect writing these books is a really a means of escape not just for the reader, but also for me." "Wow, that’s a great question and I’m so glad somebody finally asked me it!

The truth is I have very minimal involvement in my cover concept and design.

It wasn’t my idea for Dane to do that, it was all his because it’s a quirk of Dane’s character. I know that’s a long, eclectic list but what I try to do in the Caitlin Strong books is give them the stakes and feel of a high-stakes thriller with the grounded settings more akin to James Lee Burke. While Strong Light of Day does have some scenes set in Washington, DC and Russia, it’s pretty much Texas-based. All these years without a TV series about a female Texas Ranger and suddenly there were two competing ones—go figure, right?

Just like one of my recurring characters, Caitlin’s giant protector Guillermo Paz, has the quirk of being forever in search of meaning. Fans of Lee Child, Harlan Coben, Sandra Brown, Steve Berry, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Brad Meltzer . But it’s the whole country that’s being threatened and the whole country Caitlin has to save." "Oh man, that question hits like a dagger to the heart! I’ve worked on the fringes of the film business enough, after getting one film made (a teen comedy called Dirty Deeds), to know the best dream team is, very simply, the team that gets it done.

I prefer to keep who I am and what I believe separate and distinct from what I do as a writer.], a 15-year-old boy who’s the son of Caitlin’s quasi-boy friend Cort Wesley Masters, and effectively her surrogate son, comes out of the closet and reveals that he’s gay.That’s hardly a big deal anymore these days, but watching how it emotionally affects the other characters adds an emotional resonance that makes the reader understand and like these people all the more. Mac Donald once defined story as “stuff happening to people the reader cares about.” Well, all thrillers have plenty of stuff happening, but what makes the Caitlin Strong series special is you really care about her and everyone else you’ve gotten to know over time, the emotional core of the book being just as important as the structural core." "Quirky, eh? But I think all my Caitlin Strong books seek to make the characters stand out because of their own quirks.More than a few bombshell revelations and jaw-dropping plot twists will satisfy longtime series fans." ~ Publisher's Weekly "Ah, the “I” word!After 38 books overall, and this being the seventh in the Caitlin Strong series, I’m not sure inspiration is the right word but let me try to apply it. "Land's exciting seventh Caitlin Strong novel [...] finds the fifth-generation Texas Ranger pursuing two cases: one involving a herd of cattle that has been picked clean to the bone and another revolving around the disappearance of a busload of students from a Houston prep school spending the night at a nature center.