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File "venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/db/models/", line 120, in contribute_to_class setattr(model, name, Manager Descriptor(self)) Attribute Error: can't set attribute Unsupported versions of django (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7) are no longer supported, and Python 2.6 is no longer supported. mptt 0.6 drops support for both Python 2.4 and 2.5.
Majte však na pamäti, že verzia stránky HTML-5 má podstatne obmedzené funkcie (neoptimálna kvalita videa možnosť oneskoreného prehrávania).

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Really hard to keep using an editor that literally requires 2 hrs of reinstalling and reconfiguring plugins from scratch and tracing just what files got smashed - all from a broken plugin manager that for some reason worked great until a couple versions ago.

Perhaps you need to roll back the codebase because something is REALLY screwed up when I get THIS popup now (on multiple WIN7x64 PCs running NPP7.3.3x86) every time I try to use NPP and install/uninstall/update ANY plugins despite the plugmgr being up to date (think APPDATA plugin folder vs progfiles is somehow now totally broken so installs to one place and never sees the updated dll because it then looks at the version in the other): KVs G9Actually, herein lies the problem with this development because NPP is what actually has not only created the secondary - user specific version of it's plugins, but also has fully supported this for a very long time.

The issue with the app Data plugins I'll look into separately - I think there's some agreement needed on what happen when a plugin is in both places, and I suspect plugin manager is doing something different than Notepad .

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Sorry Dave but it took 13 days for you to at least start really talking about the problem, which has such devastating effect on other plugins. Anyway, I am happy to remove "fix the folder structure" as it seems like now the problem has got a proper attention :) I will roll back the pre-release and push the update within a few days. I apologise if my answer came across as aggressive - I appreciate the effort in reporting and detailing this issue, and I'll look into the issue with the file structure.:) CS-Script 1.7.1 prerelease is broken and because they began jumping through hoops because pluginmgr was dumping it all into a flat folder they also borked something and now the prerelease ONLY works when I do exactly what it was supposed to avoid, which is to manually dump it all into a flat folder eliminate the normal subfolders - which is just totally wrong.However, all of that they can fix by reverting much (or all) of those recactive changes if/when the plugin manager folks here can address whatever recently has began borking plugin installs folder structures.This is actually a harder problem to solve, so will probably take longer before we have a proper fix in place.Thanks again, Dave issues be considered separately. Collin, I have created, on your behalf, the issue for CS-Script.I know I certainly am not above someone having to point me to errors I may have made in my code over the years, but everyone is different.