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I think it’s gotten easier in the last five years, because more people are talking about being undetectable and what that means for sexual behavior, and also because of the introduction of Pr EP.

I know more and more guys under 25 who are on Pr EP and are very comfortable talking about HIV. If you start getting into the real nitty gritty with people who don’t have a work-related or deep relationship to HIV, you lose them. So my advice is, always keep it simple when you talk about “undetectable” and sex.

All of my serious relationships since I’ve been positive have been with negative guys, and that conversation is central within our understanding of what we can do. But I think it’s important to talk about the act as well, and that undetectable viral load means undetectable in the blood.

But I think it’s honestly a very difficult question to answer publicly. There have been studies suggesting that, most of the time, the virus is undetectable in semen if it’s undetectable in blood, but it might not always be consistent.

It becomes basically like saying, “You know, I’m just not into hairy guys.” You’re putting the rejection in their court, which is advice I tell a lot of guys who are newly positive. I think if you go on two dates with someone and you develop a rapport, and then you have to bring up this kind of clinical discussion, it brings a tone of seriousness that often the relationship isn’t ready for. But the more you’re comfortable with it yourself and the more you accept what’s going on with you, the more you allow other people to accept it, too.

But at the same time, I want people to be educated and know what “undetectable” means for each individual. People are basically looking for a checklist: “With a partner who has an undetectable viral load, you can do this and this and this.” Honestly, people are hesitant to give that checklist because of liability.So, this is someone who is in relatively good health, in terms of their HIV, and is taking care of himself—and who is extending courtesy to his community by taking care of himself and thereby presenting less chance of transmission to HIV-negative partners. I guess I’m sort of at an advantage, in that I’m an HIV nurse and I usually disclose that up front.Derek Brocklehurst: In my experience, when a guy says he’s positive and undetectable, that usually is the initial clue to me that he is on medication, he knows his status, he’s taking steps to improve or maintain his health, and he’s taking care of his life. They might expect that I’ll know what all these terms are.This applies, obviously, to someone who has already been diagnosed as HIV positive, and who has controlled replication of the virus. When I ask guys if they’re undetectable, it’s one question in a series. Today, so much of this is done electronically, on Grindr and Scruff and Jackd and all these applications and online connections, that communication can actually be easier than being face-to-face.What it means in a social context is that this person, in theory, is the least “infectious” they can be, biologically. Derek: For the most part, they appreciate that I’m bringing it up.People’s personal practices around this scenario differ from what they will say in public simply because they don’t want to be held liable for a rare occurrence that ends up hurting someone.