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I felt that if I could build a platform where everyone is there for the sole purpose finding someone they can start a family with.

Also, donor conceived children sometimes develop health problems related to their father’s genetic makeup, for they pass down the genes which may make them more susceptible to certain diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

As a passionate advocate for adolescent mental health, I have developed a strategy for parents who wish to prepare their children to manage well on social media. If you wish to help your child build mental fitness for their online life, my book on this topic will be published soon.

I meet many young people who end up in serious difficulty online and so knowing how to get young people mentally fit and ready for social media really matters.

I wanted to build a platform where everyone is ready to start a family, either in a romantic, , financially, and emotionally committed.

In a gay/lesbian couple relationship looking for a sperm/egg donor, the involvement of the donor is usually more limited, but if the donor has some kind of relationship with the child, it can provide them with a better sense of identity about where they come from.