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” Cancer Scorpio love relationship possess a tidal wave portion of emotional depth.If they are un-evolved, they’ll be crippling along the stream taking each other to the great depths of various addictions and away from spiritual growth, while the evolved ones would be sailing smoothly.Sun sign compatibility test is not complete nor accurate all the time!, For accurate personalized and in-depth astrology compatibility report (using your entire birth chart), Click here to get Astrology Compatibility Report !! Its personalized, accurate and cheap, click here get some more details on astrology compatibility report![For personalized and accurate prediction, Click here to get astrology compatibility report] Note: Please don't judge your relationship based on just sun signs.A cancer can understand the scorpion’s mask of expression and a scorpio can dwell deeper into a cancer and find compassion, sensitivity and need of security.A cancer and scorpio couple is a soul mate relationship for sure, which just keep getting stronger with time.

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The loony humor of the cancer can help scorpio take the rough edge out while the scorpio loving a cancer can help cancer gain confidence and get secured from within.

The cancer female finds the security and strength she deeply longs for and the scorpio finds one woman who can make him believe in the good part of life and add compassion to his list of qualities.

His jealousy streaks are settled easily by the cancer female, the right combination of love, excitement, passion and fun!

These people take love seriously and they find the biggest comfort, security and lots of romantic spark when they come together.

They are looking for long term relationships and they have found it, finally!