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They have told us unequivocally that laws that criminalize sex work force sex workers further into the margins of society where they are confronted by walls of discrimination and abuse.

Mona put it this way: “Police hit us, chase us, say sex work is not allowed…

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We recognize that there are fundamental differences of opinion on the issue of decriminalization of sex work and we respect the views of those who are not supportive of the position we have taken.BY CATHERINE MURPHY “Six police officers did sex to me one by one.They were armed with guns so I had to do it,” Mona, a mother of two in her late thirties told us, tears streaming down her cheeks.We want states to ensure that sex workers are not exposed to violence or forced to work in unsafe conditions, and that no person is subject to forced labour or trafficking.Decriminalization is not a panacea; it alone will not end all the human rights abuses that sex workers face.It is these stories, and these voices, that have helped guide Amnesty International in formulating its policy on protecting sex workers from human rights violations and abuses which is also published today.