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The All the Money in the World director revealed in a new interview that after recasting Spacey following multiple claims of sexual misconduct, he never heard from the star again. He’s gone down underground,” Scott told The […] A home run for the holidays.

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Bilingualism may delay onset of dementia: study Spanish Word of the Day Living the American Dream: Hispanic Homeownership Increasing The US Hispanic market continues with strong growth potential Hispanic Marketers New Search Engine-Optimized Interactivo Release Communities Without Borders PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) announced it is airing the new Ken Burns documentary series, THE WAR, in September 2007. This documentary will honor the heroism of all, but not the Hispanic contributions. Latinos should have been included as part of the whole effort, because we were. Significantly, Mexican Americans fought and gave their lives at a time when they, like African Americans, were subjected to segregated public schools, were not allowed full use of public swimming pools and public accommodations, were denied equal access to voting and serving as jurors and faced open discrimination in public and private employment. 475 which ordered Texas to allow American citizens of Mexican descent to sit as jurors in criminal trials; Lopez v. Is there any possibility of requesting that information to added? He was just that and fearless in his pursuit justice and equity. After World War II, returning Latino veterans were routinely denied veterans' benefits and denied access to veteran advocacy groups. There may, however, be a more enduring memorial that both young and old alike could enjoy. A dollar doesn't buy much anymore; that's why a new coin should be minted. The United States Dollar Coin Act of 1997 authorized the minting of the Susan B. She was a civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women's rights movement to secure women's suffrage in the United States. Congress, adding that she wants to see the Small Business Committee become a real advocate for small businesses and one that acts as oversight to the Small Business Administration. As a Missionary Sister for fifteen years, she worked to improve the social, education and economic conditions of poor people throughout the United States.

Inclan It was such a joy to me and my mother to read this wonderful research. Andrea Cano, an experienced communications professional, grew up in Orange County and currently resides in Portland where she is the commissioner for the Mt. With 25 years of serving community, national and international non-governmental and religious organizations, she has been engaged in some of the most fascinating political arenas.In 1976 President Carter appointed Rhea to the President's Commission for the IWY National Women's Conference held in Houston, 1977.The resolutions created at this historic gathering came to be known as "A Plan of Action for the Women of the United States" and were presented to President Carter in March of 1978. After the war he became a jet pilot as he made the Air Force his career. The consensus was that the Latino needs are not being addressed because of - - a lack of Latinos in policy making positions in the federal government. Juan Ramos was kind enough to forward a review of the study, the TRPI Brief on the GAO Report on Hispanic Employment in Federal Agencies. There were Latinos on the workforce at the Smithsonian, but most were holding janitorial positions. Citizens and Non-Citizens in the Civilian Labor Force, 2000 The comparison data was for Hispanics and Non-Hispanics, which indicates that the report bundles Hispanic citizens and non-citizens together made up the 11.4% identified as serving in the federal government. Army Air Corps and as a B-17 pilot flew 25 bombing missions over Germany. Serving our mission to educate and inform, PBSs goal for THE WAR is to reach into every home and classroomso together we can better understand what we as a nation experienced in those difficult years and what we as a nation accomplished."Given the fact that Hispanic Americans are now the largest ethnic minority group in our nation, that over 50% of the K-12 students in California and many other states are Latinos, that historically Latinos have been subjected to second class citizenship in our country but have patriotically served in every war that we have fought, and to promote PBSs mission, it is proper and fitting that the Mexican American experience be documented and included in THE WAR. According to Maria Carosa Stanwich, Head of Operations for Museum Programs, the subject attracted an attendance that broke records. I recall seeing a study concerning employment at the Smithsonian, published about 15 years ago by the Latino Initiative. Garcia's daughter, Wanda Garcia to share life stories Idea for 2007: a new coin to honor Dr. Sincerely, Mimi Mimi Lozano Editor, Somos Primos President, Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research P. Box 490 Midway City, CA 92655-0490 714-894-8161 fax: 714-898-7063 The Congressional Hispanic Caucus could easily introduce the appropriate legislation in the next session of Congress, beginning in January. During the 60s and 70s Lupe's involvement in the Women's Movement helped bring Catholic support to the Equal Rights Amendment.