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(see American Sociology Association, Theory SOURCE ). This theory was founded by a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, and revolutionary (1818-1883).

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" After a while, you end relationships because even though you love your partner, you're no longer in love with him or her.This is what happens when people have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship is supposed to be like.Many serial monogamists think, "I'll see where it leads" when it comes to a new relationship, only to find it fizzling after they've ignored signs of incompatibility.Whether they dump a partner or get dumped themselves, the end result is the same - they tolerated traits that didn't jibe with what they want and need in a long-term relationship or marriage.You've said the same thing a thousand times, and your partner still doesn't "get it." You're too busy with work, the gym, and other things to deal with your partner's nagging to spend more time together.The best relationships have ongoing problems that bring up frustrations again and again.

What happened to the constant affection, the deep discussions, and the hot sex?

" on a regular basis, you might have a low frustration tolerance that interferes with your ability to maintain a relationship.

One clue to help distinguish whether your response is a healthy reaction to a bad relationship or if you actually have an inability to tolerate normal pressures that contributes to your relationships turning bad is to look at other times you feel that way.

Experts say there are about seven areas of disagreement within any relationship - even the ones that last for years between two happy people!

If you find yourself feeling stressed, sneaking, rebelling, or thinking "I'm not gonna take this!