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“You don’t see judges getting into contestants’ faces like this and having a back-and-forth with them.”While he is upping the entertainment factor for viewers, he said, respect for his fellow chefs is paramount.“We’re kind of talking trash, but at the same time, we’re all peers — the people who are competing are my equals.They’re doing things that I’ve never seen before and don’t know how to do, and it’s very clear that we’re kind of all in this together.”On Feb. Goldman’s fun-loving personality with the premiere of “Kids Baking Competition,” co-hosted with Valerie Bertinelli.

Who knows what surprises he might have in store, but his skill at making extraordinary cakes with sound, smoke, moving components, and other surprises is sure to amaze us. Please note that this is a fantastic culinary demonstration & learning experience, rather than a hands-on cooking class.Goldman is set to assay not one but two shows on the network this spring, “Duff Till Dawn” and “Kids Baking Championship.”“Duff Till Dawn,” which premieres Jan.29, will feature professional chefs vying to create the best cakes. Goldman said his show will be different from other competitive cooking programs.“[These shows] have been ‘TV-ified’ and overproduced to the point where the star has ceased to be the art of the cake decorator and has become the drama of the producer,” Mr. “And so what I wanted to do was kind of get back to where the star of the show was the cakes themselves and the people making them [versus] the drama of ‘Oh, if I win I’m going to get a new storefront.’ The drama is already inherent.”Mr.De Gustibus was founded in 1980 by Arlene Feltman Sailhac and is now owned and run by Salvatore Rizzo, former Director of House Operations and Events at the James Beard Foundation.The mission of the school is:“To continue the tradition of serving the culinary community by showcasing the talents of...The bakery is in a state of transition as Goldman—TV star, bakery owner, and one of Yeskey's best friends—broadens his brand and opens Charm City Cakes West in Los Angeles in the next couple of months.