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Gong has always been the outlier of the musical Marleys, if mostly for generational reasons.

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You can laugh about each others’ NCAA loyalties or vegan eating habits because there’s something much bigger in life that you share.For more good Catholic dating to happen though, I do think guys and girls could do a few things to help .We should celebrate it and celebrate it well because that’s how we live – in celebration. You do know that if you stay in you’ll end up spending the evening watching Downton Abbey with a bowl of moose tracks or playing Call of Duty (ya, I know you thirty-somethings are still doing that) and don’t tell me that’s any healthier.We celebrate Mass, we celebrate weddings and baptisms like nobody else, we even celebrate saints we’re not sure existed. The day after, on February 15th, let the whole world agree, “Those Catholics date, and they do it well! John Antonio is a life-coach member of the International Coach Federation in Indianapolis with a lifelong interest in personal development coaching.I’ve told him very explicitly that I think his beliefs are wrong and I plan to try to change his mind. I mean, in some sense I’m tempted to just try and seduce him.(We haven’t done more than make out, at this point.) But I wouldn’t feel right about that, and I wouldn’t want to sleep with him if he would feel guilty or regret it afterwards.Then, you hear about it through the grapevine and you’re like, “Seriously? He doesn’t even talk to her,” or “She isn’t even nice to him.” So guys should just say what’s on their mind and ask more.It would also help if girls smiled more so the dude can get the idea. Keep the memory of the good times you shared to together.

As Catholics we tend to take dating seriously because we take marriage seriously.

Adam simply shrugs his shoulders and goes back to playing catch with his dog. Now in case you were wondering, I wasn’t the guy who asked out that single girl in the young adult community. If I want to go out for a drink or a good time I usually end up calling a girl from dance class or the gym before dialing someone from Church.

Whether or not a drink is a date is also highly debatable but the point I want to make is that we Catholics don’t seem to go out with each other much.

But…I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in pre-marital sex! I keep thinking that I can convince him, rationally, that the Catholic ban on pre-marital sex is a stupid, pointless anachronism that is not relevant to today’s world.

He’s intelligent and educated and responds to reason; I think I have a shot at changing his mind.