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On the limits of using combined U-series/ESR method to date fossil teeth from two Early Pleistocene archaeological sites of the Orce area(Guadix-Baza basin, Spain).
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Cursoradapter not updating base tables safepeer not updating

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Meaning that virtual tables are only populated after a Requery? This ability is built-in as is the basetable property so the database engine can insert and update data in the remote data source even though you may have fetched data that is a complex join that contains columns from multiple tables.What it boils down to, is that I have know how to work around the absence of views in order to be able to estimate the amount of work required to port the app to Lianja. Is the Fetch As Needed property of a virtual table, comparable to VFP's No Data Onload?This is off the top of my head, and would need testing, but something along these lines might work.

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To demonstrate cursor adapters requires a simple SQLite database implementation.From this I can only see an active connection to the database as my answer.Sqlexec is not as robust as ADO from what I have seen. Cursor Adapter – A base class that you can inherit from when you need more control over the binding of data values to layout controls (for example, hiding/showing controls or changing their properties).Cursor adapters provide a high-performance way to scroll through long lists of data that are stored in SQLite.The code in Simple Cursor Table Adapter/Vegetable contains the code and SQL to create a table and populate it with some data. The column list that is returned from the cursor defines the data columns that are available for display in the cursor adapter.