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Main strategic issues mandating coordinated action

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While we have built a response system that ably handles the demands of a typical hurricane season, wildfires, and other limited natural and man-made disasters, the system clearly has structural flaws for addressing catastrophic events.During the Federal response to Katrina, four critical flaws in our national preparedness became evident: Our processes for unified management of the national response; command and control structures within the Federal government; knowledge of our preparedness plans; and regional planning and coordination. Effective incident management of catastrophic events requires coordination of a wide range of organizations and activities, public and private.

When local and State governments are overwhelmed or incapacitated by an event that has reached catastrophic proportions, only the Federal government has the resources and capabilities to respond.Yet this framework does not address the conditions of a catastrophic event with large scale competing needs, insufficient resources, and the absence of functioning local governments.These limitations proved to be major inhibitors to the effective marshalling of Federal, State, and local resources to respond to Katrina.These three will be discussed in the Report’s last chapter, Transforming National Preparedness.Some of these seventeen critical challenges affected all aspects of the Federal response.In short, what were the key failures during the Federal response to Hurricane Katrina? Rather, we endeavor to find the answers in order to identify systemic gaps and improve our preparedness for the next disaster – natural or man-made.